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R E C U R S I V E   M A C H I N E

R E C U R S I V E   M A C H I N E

The Recursive Machine is a small portable noise box. Constinting of

2 x vco
2 x vca
1 x vcf
1 x distortion
1 x digital spring reverb
2 x pt2399 delay
2 x lfo
1 x mixer
1 x speaker

All packed on 2 circuits boards measuring 120 mm x 220 mm, with an 3D-printed box for extra portability.

Ordering is currently closed.

PCBs + frames are in production.

Pre-orders are expected to start shipping the 6th of July.


Mouser cart – c1e52be3c3

build manual

revision 1, updated 2020-05-12






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