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Let’s prepare for the joyfull hours of soldering you’ll be facing. First make sure you have all the tools you need for the job:


– Pliers
– Clippers
– Soldering iron
– Solder
– Multimeter
– Oscilloscope
– Bench PSU (If you have one)
– Desolder pump
– Desolder braid
– Tweezers
– Screwdrivers


With all this stuff lined up neatly on your workspace we’re ready to get started!


First inspect the board and plan your work. The build order on the previous page is just a guide so you might want to change it fit your way of building. For those of you who’d like to speed build this without checking things while building I can recommend stuffing all the resistors first, then caps (first monoblocks and then electrolytics) and finish it up with the semiconductors and integrated circuits.

But for the rest of you who’d like to take it nice and slow I can recommend the scenic route – Stick with the build order and test everything once you finished a section.


It’s also a good idea to read up on the old Serge build instructions over at Link


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