So you’ve chosen the mighty TKB! Good choice. In your hands you should have a front panel and six different circuit boards – One main board, four potentiometer mounting boards and a blue board with silver pads on. You’ve probably ordered the components from Mouser as well, if you haven’t you should! Information on which parts to order can be found in your confirmation e-mail. And if you need a reference you can check the >BOM<.


Like always the building is divided into sections. Most of the parts are very easy, the tricky parts are the ribbon connectors and wiring the touch keyboard.


01) Preparation

02) Main board

03) Pot boards

04) Touch keys

05) Assembling the front panel

06) Finishing up


There’s some additional trimming to be made, one is the SENS trimmer and the other is the PRES. The SENS should be adjusted so that if you hold down a pad the pad next to it stops flickering. The PRES can be adjusted to taste, but mind you the options are ultra-super-sensitive and super-sensitive (It isn’t actually pressure it measures, but the time you’ve held your finger on the pad).


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