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the M E T A


Patch programmable sequencer and synthesizer.

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To trim the R2R ladders. Power up the META without a panel. Connect 5V (from for example the INV out pad) to the LSB of the R2R.
For the 6 bit R2R trim for 0.0833V at the output (Do some measurements first, if there'sa DC-offset on the output take that into account when trimming. Then check that the otuput doubles for every bit.
So the jack after LSB should have the output at ~0.1666V and so on. For the 3-bit and 2-bit trim for 0.5V lsb and 0.6666V repsectivly.
If other scales or numbers are wanted you can adjust it to your liking. Just check the the output doubles for every bit addded.

Mouser basket (Updated 230919). BOM

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